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No-nonsense, practical training to empower.

Delivering training is a real strength of SEE Ahead. We exist to support people and organisations to reach sustainability and that means giving them the skills and support they need, through effective training.

It’s true, now more than ever, that honest appraisals and the identification, and planning, of realistic goals are what help people and organisations most effectively. These are the foundations of our workshops, training and support.

Although we have a comprehensive catalogue of training and workshops delivering organisational, business and self-employment support, we also develop bespoke training for organisations, and specialist support packages. The SEE Ahead team are all PTTLS trained deliverers and are experts in knowing how to structure learning and support to best effect.

Some of our most popular workshops:

  • Business Ideas
    Develop your income generating ideas into reality
  • Business Planning
    Fail to plan – plan to fail!
  • Business Readiness – what does it mean for you?
    Do you have all your ducks in a row?
  • Business Start-up Workshops
    Fancy running your own business? We can help!
  • Consortia Working
    Working together is the way forward – find out how!
  • Costing and Full Cost Recovery
    Making sure you cover all your costs
  • Developing a Funding Strategy
    Learn how to plan your funding streams
  • Governance and Financial Management
    Who’s in charge?
  • Income Generation
    How are you able to sell more products or services?
  • Legal Structures for Social Enterprises/Third Sector Organisations
    Make sure your legal status is fit for purpose
  • Manage Stress and Build Personal Resilience
    Are you fit for purpose?
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
    How to work through those tricky discussions
  • Marketing and Sales Techniques
    How to sell your products and services
  • Measuring Social Impact
    Prove and improve the difference you make
  • Social Enterprise: what’s it all about?
    What is a social enterprise?
  • Strategic Planning
    Where are you heading and how do you get there?
  • Time Management and Work Life Balance
    Don’t be a busy fool!

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