Workshops & Training

SEE Ahead offers a wide range of workshops which can be tailored to meet your needs. Workshops can be delivered to a group of different businesses/social enterprises or to several people from the same organisation.
SEE Ahead can also provide 1 to 1 training on a variety of business topics with individual business owners and senior managers.
All our training is interactive and delivered by qualified trainers.
Developing and delivering workshops and training is a specialty of ours. Please contact us if you want us to deliver any of our standard workshops or we can write one especially for you.

Upcoming Workshops

    Popular Workshops

    • Access to Finance

      This half-day workshop provides information about ways you can fund the development and growth of your social enterprise to meet business objectives. It provides practical guidelines for good financial management and assists you in producing a credible financial forecast to help you apply for appropriate funding.

    • Business Ideas for Social Enterprise

      This half-day workshop provides a range of techniques and a framework to test and progress ideas for your new social enterprise. This workshop is aimed at new social enterprises and existing organisations who want to develop new products and services.

    • Business Planning for Social Enterprises

      This workshop provides an introduction to business planning for social enterprises. It will cover all the key components of a social enterprise business plan and will get you into a position to apply for finance for your organisation. Includes a session on financial forecasting.

    • Business Readiness – what does it mean for you?

      The workshop is aimed at groups who are looking at generating income through trading activities either through selling goods or services and/or through tendering for public sector contracts. The content will include how to establish social values, business planning, strategic planning, business planning and measuring social impact.

    • Business Start-up Workshops

      A series of workshops for people who are looking at setting up their own business. The following questions will be answered by our expert tutors:

      • Will being self-employed suit you?
      • What skills do you need?
      • What are your legal obligations?
      • What are you selling and who to?
      • How much are you going to charge?
      • What records do you need to keep?
      • How do you work out your costs?
      • How do you reach your potential customers?
      And lots more! At the end of the sessions you will have a draft business plan in place to help you to move forward and set up your own business.

    • Consortia Working – an introduction

      Consortia working represents a serious opportunity for social enterprises to win new business by working together. This workshop looks at types of collaboration; advantages and disadvantages; and how to explore ways of winning new business by working together. At the end of the workshop you will have all the information you need to decide your next steps.

    • Consortia Working – the next stage

      This workshop provides practical support for organisations who have decided to engage in collaborative working. It includes interactive exercises to help you identify how to overcome some of the barriers such as culture, structure and policies. It supports organisations through the first stages of developing consortia.

    • Costing and Full Cost Recovery

      Find out how to work out what you should charge for products and services and ensure that all your costs are covered. This workshop covers costing, pricing, strategy and breakeven. It also provides a step by step guide to calculating full cost recovery.

    • Developing a Funding Strategy

    • Employing People

      This workshop provides a general overview of key employment issues so that you can maximise the performance of the most valuable resource of your business – your people!

    • Governance and Financial Mangement

      This workshop explores in detail the roles of trustees and directors and explains their legal responsibilities particularly around financial matters. It will provide you with tips on how to govern your organisation effectively

    • How to win Business in the Public Sector

      This half-day workshop provides information on areas you will need to cover if you are considering bidding for public sector contracts. It includes practical hints and tips on how to be tender ready.

    • Improving your Social Enterprise

      This interactive workshop includes great ideas, practical tips and local examples to help you develop your social enterprise. You will: • Get help with prioritising your business needs • Receive fact sheets and guides aimed at addressing those needs • Hear about examples of sales and marketing techniques which you can apply to your social enterprise.

    • Income Generation

      This workshop looks at developing the skills you have within your organisation and developing a package of goods or services that people will pay for. It gives you a framework to use to work on your market research, potential customers, finance and operational issues and enable you to generate income from new sources to support the sustainability if your organisation.

    • Legal Structures and Governance for Social Enterprises

      This workshop provides a basic understanding of the legal forms available to social enterprises. It helps you think about the key issues you need to consider when deciding which is the most appropriate legal structure for your organisation. The workshop also describes the roles of trustees and directors and explains their legal responsibilities.

    • Legal Structures for Third Sector Organisations

    • Manage Stress and Build Personal Resilience

    • Managing Difficult Conversations

    • Marketing and Sales Techniques

      A more advanced look at the marketing function within an organisation, including an 8 step approach to sales skills, and the tools for you to use to develop a marketing plan, including budgets and operational plans.

    • Marketing for Social Enterprises

      This half-day workshop introduces marketing as a key business activity and aims to build awareness of the importance of the marketing function. It helps you to decide what the purpose of your marketing activity is and provides some practical ideas for you to consider for your own organisation.

    • Measuring Social Impact

      This workshop introduces the principles and methods involved in the process of measuring social impact. It improves your understanding of where social accounting might fit within your organisation, how it can be implemented and how to use your social impact to win business.

    • Social Enterprise: what’s it all about?

      This information and advice session is an introduction to the concept of social enterprise and an overview of how a social enterprise operates. Using practical examples, you will be equipped to decide whether a social enterprise business model is right for you and what the next steps are as well as how to get further support.

    • Strategic Planning

      Getting your head around day to day operations and planning for the future of your social enterprise. This workshop explains how to develop a strategic plan for your organisation. This plan becomes a working document for the Board and management team and enables you to fulfil your social and financial ambitions.

    • Time Management & Work Life Balance

    • What do you need in your Business Plan?

      One hour practical session using a business plan template and developing an outline document.